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Established since 2003 - we have made it our business to make you look great!


We believe that as a freelance custome design company we are uniquely positioned to be able to offer a high quality of service and design at extremely competitive rates. As a custom design company our websites are designed to meet the specific individual requirements of each client. You are also dealing directly with the designer so you have access to their skills and experience to develop your ideas and your vision is translated accurately.

As a select team of freelance designers we are not restricted to normal office hours and so we can be far more adaptable to the needs of our clients. We keep our overheads minimal as we have no requirement for large office space and we do not need expensive adverts. Our company has grown through client recommendation and via our own website - proving the potential an effective web presence has for any business. A good website designer is crucial, so ask us for a quote today.


This is what Splashworx Clients say about us:

I am very pleased with my new website.Since I have no real knowledge of the technical expertise required to create a website, it was most gratifying to have a technical expert guide me through the process. One meeting in personcreated the broad outline and several follow-up emails was all that it took from design to implementation.Leila made the entire process easy and the website looks great!

Brenda Deputy Mayor of Richmond Hill / Ontario

"Leila has always pushed the extra distance when we're on a tight schedule. The quality of design has our visitors constantly giving positive feedback. It's wonderful to work with a designer who knows what we need."

Garry Jensen Marketer